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Monday, May 6, 2019

How to prepare a good commercial training step by step

Today there are many companies that offer courses and workshops to train sales teams in a professional, systematic and with an established methodology. However, we do not normally turn to external companies when it comes to commercial training for our own salespeople,   since, of course, nobody knows our product catalog better than we do.

That said, are you wondering how to train salespeople successfully? Or, perhaps,  how to impart effective sales training? We encourage you to continue reading because we have prepared this post to help you achieve it, whether you are new to this or want to improve.

The first time you had to prepare an internal sales workshop, you probably experienced a similar feeling to sitting in front of a blank sheet. In fact, you were invaded by innumerable doubts ...

Where do I begin? How long should it be? What technical resources will help me? Will I be able to keep your attention?

They are totally normal doubts. Of course, there is nothing like experience to improve the technique, the method and go configuring your own list of details to keep in mind so that everything goes perfect. Today we want to share with you all those key aspects that we put into practice in each of the commercial training that we impart to our clients about our inaCátalog sales system.

Key aspects to prepare good commercial training

The call

This point seems simple but you should not detract from it. Indicate clearly in the call the exact time and place is especially important to avoid delays and possible confusion.

  • Choose a "relaxed" day (within the possibilities) for training, avoid proximity to fairs or other events so that salespeople are as focused as possible at the current time.
  • If possible, it is advisable to choose a date that suggests the beginning of a campaign, cycle or course.
  • It is advisable to avoid Fridays as well as the days before a holiday period.
  • Send a reminder of the call when the date in question approaches.

What should a commercial training last?

The ideal duration does not exist, although we can recommend from your own experience that the 3-4 hour training work quite well and the level of attention is maintained. You must bear in mind that, the longer the workshop lasts, the more difficulty you will have to maintain the attention of your audience.

From 3-4 hours of training, maintaining interest and attention so that they remember the training is complicated - José Obiols, Key Account Manager of inaCátalog

10 tips to maintain the attention during the training to your salespeople:

  1. Includes break every so often.
  2. Try to maintain a strong attitude throughout the training, especially when you start and resume the session.
  3. It intersperses theory with anecdotes, examples and practical cases. In addition, at the same time, you will be helping to internalize the knowledge that interests you.
  4. It combines different multimedia formats: presentation, images, videos, etc.
  5. Direct your attention and your gaze to the different participants.
  6. Launches interesting and practical questions.
  7. Play with silences and changes in the tone of your voice to emphasize and avoid the monotony
  8. Get feedback from your audience: what interests them most, if they are attentive ...
  9. Do not lengthen excessively the commercial formation and, mainly, do not lengthen to extend (the time is very appreciated by all).
  10. Remember that commercials are "action" profiles, competitive and move by objectives. Apply it to the way you present your message and the practical cases that you make.
The technical resources you need "on stage"

We indicate the basic technical resources that you must take into account in any training. You can expand the list, yes, make sure everything works correctly before starting the training.

If there are technical problems, the interest of the participants to learn decays and disconnects completely - José Obiols, Key Account Manager of inaCátalog

Public address system

This section depends on the size of the commercial strength of each company. It is not the same to prepare a sales workshop for 4 people than for a team of 50 salespeople. From 10 participants we recommend a public address system. Depending on the sound of the room and our voice will be a more or less necessary requirement.

Projector or TV and other devices

For the development of the training, a large-format television or projector is indispensable to allow the attendees to follow the explanation and visualize the presentation without difficulties. The presenter or presenter can rely on a tablet or laptop, which will be connected to the projector.

Our case: how do we prepare a commercial training of inaCátalog

In addition to the above, in our case, we take into account a series of additional points that respond to the particularities of our sales software. We share them below to serve as an example:

  • The ideal time to train sales teams is when our customers are ready for the final launch of inaCátalog. 
  • It is convenient that, during the implementation, someone from the commercial team has carried out previous tests of the whole cycle and the fundamentals in the sale.
  • The entire sales team has the app installed and running on their tablet or iPad. In this way the use of the training is maximum and any doubt of use of the application can be solved at the moment.
  • At a technical level, it is important that the place has a Wi-Fi that supports several connected devices at the same time.
  • At the content level, we customize each training. The implant of the app and the Key Account Manager are coordinated with the CEO, Sales Director or Sales Manager to focus the training on the functionality in which the client has a greater interest during the implementation.
  • With this content, we elaborate a personalized script according to the client so that the agents can take notes.