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Monday, May 6, 2019

Customer Success: The relationship with the customer is the basis of success

Can Customer Success make a difference?

Companies invest, increasingly, not only in performing a good service or have a product but also in ensuring a quality experience, through a good relationship with customers.

Much is said about happiness and customer satisfaction, but have you ever thought about what customers want?

They do not want to be happy or feel fulfilled by being customers, they want to achieve the objectives they have when they purchase your product or service.

That's where the team comes Customer Success - or Customer Success. This novelty was introduced into the company a short time ago to revolutionize the way companies see their relationship with customers, focusing not only on what they want but also on what matters most: the customer.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about this department that is here to stay, take a look at our article and understand why Customer Success is an excellent bet for your company!
What is Customer Success?

In relation to the concept, we can keep the definition of  Lincoln Murphy (a reference in Customer Success since the term and activity began to take shape in the market):

"Customer success is when your customers reach the desired result through interactions with your company"

This term was initially applied to SaaS companies to designate a professional that would not only help the client to use the software in the right way but also help him achieve good results with that solution and be successful in using the purchased product.

Customer Success is based on the success of the client (as the name implies) and this goes far beyond a CRM or knows how to use a tool, that is, the success of the client becomes the responsibility of everyone within a company, from the precise moment in which the first contact is initiated. This change in the concept of after sales have transformed the market and since then companies have reinvented the way they treat customers after they are already part of the portfolio.

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 What is Customer Success? 

1-Be able to measure the activity of the user with your product (how often do you use it, how do you use it, why do you use it?)

2-As a company, measure your relationship with the customer (how many times do you communicate with him? Who contacts him? How does he do it? Why does he do it?)

3-Identify how you can provide the necessary support or training required for the client to maximize their results with your product.

This will help the company to decipher the different points of contact in the life cycle of the client, the channels and methods through which communications with the client can be carried out effectively.

Why is it so important today?

Customer success is consolidated as the third growth engine behind sales and marketing. Currently, buyers have an infinity of options that would have been unimaginable in the past as the availability of more options and information than ever and all brands compete to capture their attention. The administration of power has changed and customers no longer have to limit themselves to accepting annual contracts. More and more software companies are changing to "freemium " models, which allow customers to test the product before buying it and cancel the service at any time.

There are many obstacles that we face today: the cost per click of the ads continues to increase in all channels, users increasingly give less importance to marketing messages and major social networks, such as Facebook, they became the kings of the business by being intermediaries between the company and the audience.

Since the acquisition of new customers is more complicated and it is now easier for consumers to leave a business relationship, companies are focusing on satisfying and delighting their customers.

There is still a need for sales and marketing teams to reach agreements and capture new market opportunities. However, the biggest problem with which developing companies collide to rise to a higher level is related to their effectiveness in stopping the loss of clients and having a base of happy and loyal customers on which to base growth.

Nowadays, the best way to take a company forward is to guarantee that your clients obtain good results and are satisfied; basically, that is the customer's success.

Advantages of Customer Success


This is the most valuable gain in having a Customer Success: ensuring that customers not only enter the base but that they remain.

2-Customer experience

In addition to ensuring that the client remains, the Customer Success professional develops a relationship with the client to offer a superior experience while in the company.

This is so because the condition for this work is the proximity to the client, the closeness in the follow-up, the guarantee of results - and that is what every client wants to be satisfied.

3-The satisfied customer is the best advertising

Taking into account the customer's experience, we must highlight the importance of an above-average service so that the customer not only feels satisfied, but becomes a prescriber of your brand and, in that way, recommend and help you to win new customers.

The Customer Success area is also a source of income for companies, as it identifies opportunities, for example, new services or products based on the demands of current customers.

 What is the difference between Customer Success and Technical Support?

One of the great disadvantages of technical support teams is that members warn that the same problem is repeated over and over again. They are able to solve the individual problem, but the organization is generally not willing to invest enough to find a systematic solution. This is where the customer's success strategies come into play.

Think of Customer Success as the next level of an excellent technical support team or CRM. It is a proactive function that improves the customer experience and guarantees an extraordinary path towards the future.

Customer Success takes a proactive direction in which customers are continuously followed to offer a solution and solve their problems even before they arise or intensify because they are present at all times.

The main objective of Customer Success is to quickly build greater value for the customer and add more value to the company while helping them efficiently.

Customer Success Teams and inaC√°talog Mobility Sales

From inaC√°talogwe seek to innovate and adapt to the new times by offering the best solutions and products to our customers to be part of their success. Offering the best individual and personalized attention to our clients is one of our most important tasks and for them we have merged our Support and Implementation teams to offer a better performance in the contact of our clients proactively preventing and contributing solutions to guarantee a perfect operation of our products and increase the success and sales of our customers. With the implementation of this project, we seek to improve relations with our clients and we hope to obtain the expected results improving efficiency in our company and an increase in the success of our clients that makes both parties happy.